Geodata and Services


Freely available DTM data

The aim of this service is to make data products available based on freely available DTM data, e.g., data of NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).


Open Geocoding of Address Information

While in developed countries usually governmental or private nation-wide efforts generate and maintain address data, in less developed countries such geodata are still not available. The main objective of this project is the availability of a worldwide free address database for developed and developing countries. The application aims to collect data as well to provide a geocoding service.


Web Coordinate Transformation Service

The complexity of data handling with different spatial reference system can be observed by many of spatial data users. offers a Web Coordinate Transformation Service (WCTS) with optimization of recent development in Geography Markup Language (GML) to allow complete feature data processing.

Version 2 is avaialble at

Feb 06, 2012: Version 2 is available as a service as well.


Green Energy GIS

Green Energy GIS

What kind of renewable energy resources are used in Germany? Where are potential locations?

X3D DOM visualization


X3D DOM visualization can be performed in modern browsers, as it is demonstrated in this student project

SUAS MapServer

SUAS MapServer supporting WMS and other standards

SUAS MapServer supports OGC's Web Map Server Implementation Specification (WMS) and a few other services like 3D representation. Geo-data is converted to Well-known Text (WKT) and stored in database management system, retrieved by SUAS upon user request and transferred - optionally compressed - through the Internet for client-side visualization, e.g., OpenLayers clients.