Frequently asked questions

What is geocoding address?

Geocoding address is the process of the determination of the coordinates for the location of a street address.

What does this open geocoding means?

Open geocoding offers participatory of community based geocoding services.

What are the advantages of geocoding application in this website?
It allows users to save their address and geocode the specified address
What do I need to access this website so that I can save my address?
To have access to store your address, you need to have username so that you can login and save your address
Which online mapping tools used in this site ?
Google Maps
What result does this site offer ?
Geocoding output is in XML, CSV, KML, and interactive which can have visualization on map
What is web services?
Web services describe a standardized way for integrating Web based applications which allow different application from different sources
Which browser is suitable for this application?
Mozilla firefox would be suitable for this application
Which reference data does this site use ?
From geonames website and from world fact website
Is the geocoding application here commercial ?
This site offers free geocoding solution which independents from commercial solutions
Where do I report bugs while using geocoding services in this website?
You can send message to the administrator and report your bugs